Welcome to Life Ministries of Virginia website!

Here you will find information concerning my mission and what I hope to accomplish with my ministry.  I hope you find your time spent here helpful.  What I want is to create a warm and loving family feel as we work together, and I want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on me for anything you need.   Feel free to browse through the various areas of this website and learn about Life Ministries of Virginia.

My goal is that people using our site will find it helpful for those events in their lives that make us seek comfort from our Lord, or want us to rejoice in the gifts He has given us.  You may also submit prayer requests, read articles about recent activities, or contact me with questions you may have regarding our services.

Please email us with any questions you may have.

We have added a prayer page so you will be able to add your prayer requests, and see others prayer requests.  Lessons will be added from time to time to help us learn to share with our Savior all our lives and to learn to rely on Him for our safety and peace of mind.

Should you wish to speak with me or book me for your wedding, please use the contact form or email me at idostoremember@gmail.com.  Feel free to browse our Wedding Services Blog for lots of interesting articles about planning your wedding, what all the terms mean and who is responsible for what in the ceremony.  You will find it at our I Do’s to Remember Blog.