Services Offered

We at Life Ministries of Virginia, offer to assist our community with events that happen to all of us in our daily life.  We strive to be a good neighbor and help provide services to those who may not be active in a church for whatever reason.  It is our wish to assist them in the events that have ceremonies or services involved so they may become more at ease with asking to have a service to remember.

Our services may be altered to fit the needs of the individual at the moment they need us.  Our hopes are to help our brothers and sisters see Christ by not getting in there way.  No one can see the cross on the hill if we stand above them and try to DRAG them up.  It’s only by compassion and patience, with the understanding that all is well with you that we can assist in this goal.

Feel free to browse the links below for a description of our services.

Adoption Ceremony


Blessing of the Home

Christening / Blessing of Children

Funeral / Memorial Service

Personal Blessings / Public Prayers / Invocations

Wedding Minister