Personal Blessings / Public Prayers / Invocations

Personal Prayers / Invocations / Public Blessings $50*

(Personal blessings/prayers for anyone for anything (illness, surgery, new job, relocating, mission trip, family/marital problems,worry/stress, etc.) and blessings provided for public events.)

Most every person, whether they walk in faith or not, at some point in their lives, have had a desire to have someone pray for them or offer them a blessing.  When people are ill, facing surgery, trying to overcome the effects of an accident or facing their own mortality, we all have a desire to know someone cared enough pray with them or bless them for strength to get through their life event.  Some times, it is a new job and nerves of starting it, leaving for the service, leaving home for college, or opening a new business that makes us feel scared and frightened to take that step.

Corporate events, sports events, conventions, trainings, retirement dinners or other types of invocations  or public prayers can also be arranged.

Prayers and Blessings are of course at no charge to anyone who asks for them.  A contribution to cover travel time, preparation time for public events, materials if needed for the event and out of pocket expenses would be greatly appreciated.

*Please note that Prayers and Blessings are, of course, free – the fee listed is meant to cover our travel expenses and time, along with our administrative costs, materials, services and preparation time. The fee is due and payable at the time of rendered service.