Funeral / Memorial Services

Funeral / Memorial Service $200

There is very little difference between a funeral service and a memorial servie with the exception that at a memorial service, other than the one who passed this life may not be there to view or viewing is not possible.  We need to remember that both funerals and memorials are not meant to just be preformed for the person who’d life has ended, they should also pay tribute and commemorate the life that was lived and will persist in the hearts of the many that knew them.  Having the chance for the family and friends of that loved one to meet with one another and remember the special moments they shared with their loved one is also an important part of the service.

At times, the minister will allow sharing of personal experiences of the loved one from the family or guests with the families permission.  There are usually arranged ahead of time.  This sharing may at times be very sad or sometimes even very funny.  Anything that brings comfort to the ones left behind may be included in the service, whether it be of a christian nature or a spiritual nature.