Christening/Blessing of Children

Child Blessing/Christening $200

A christening, by beliefs of some Christians, is the baptizing of an infant or child.  One must remember though, that this act is not for the benefit of God loving or recognizing that child as God loves all children, nor does it “save” the child.  It is up to every person on this earth to make the decision as to them loving or following Jesus or turning their back on Him.  No one can make that decision for them – they must make it themselves.  Christening, or child baptism, is in all reality, the parents, grandparents and godparents or family making the commitment that THEY will follow Jesus, so the child will be ready to make their own decision due to the example set by the mother and father and family members, to avow by their own baptism the decision to follow Jesus and commit their lives to Him.

There are a number of people, feeling the decision they made earlier in their lives, was not of full heart or faith as they would have likes, and they choose to be re-baptized to establish that faith and love and commitment to Jesus.  Being exposed by the “important” people in a child’s life to prayer, regular attendance to church, reading the Bible daily and being open to pray with the child and to have conversations about God with the child will give the child the desire to love and follow Jesus of their own free will.

On the other hand we have the dedication of a child or the blessing of an infant/child.  Very similiar to a christening, just no baptism is included in this service.  The blessing or dedication of a child/infant has a two part intent: one is that the parents promise their lives to Jesus and promise to bring the child up according to the teachings of Christ and, the other is to dedicate the child to the Lord. All the family members involved avow to set good examples in their personal lives as well as committing themselves to pray for the child’s well-being, to teach the child the ways of Christ and to remember they are guiding the child to grow in God’s will and by God’s way.  As the child reaches the age of accountability, the hope is the child will make the commitment to give their lives to Jesus and love and follow Him.  Every Christian parent prays toward this commitment for their child and is the main reason for dedicating their child or asking for blessings of the child to the Lord.