Blessing of the Home

Blessing of the Home $100

It seems that most all cultures have some kind of tradition for blessing a house or home.  Most people today, when either moving into a newly built home or a home they just purchased, will have a party referred to as a “house warming”.  This is the perfect time to have your home blessed by a minister.  The process is relatively simple, as the minister will recite a prayer, asking for the blessing of the home, the spaces in the home, the contents of the home and all people living in the home.  The minister may even do so in each and every room, asking God’s blessings of peace of mind, safety of all who reside there, comfort and warmth, laughter, all inside to be prosperous, all inside to be of good health and all to be happy.  Probably the most important thing the minister may ask is for the home to be filled with love.  The owners and guests may even sing songs or share wishes of good tidings to all who enter.