Baptism – Immersion – Love Offering

When a person declares their faith in Jesus Christ and is giving their life to God, with the intention of following Christ’s model, they will most likely request to follow his example and be baptized in His name.  Baptism in itself has a significant meaning to Christians, by repeating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the act of baptism through immersion in water.  There are some that choose to be baptized by the “sprinkling” method instead.  Choosing immersion or sprinkling as your public choice of announcing your commitment to follow Christ and His teachings should have no impact on what you are accomplishing.  The act of baptism itself is not what saves you – it is the act of obedience in taking the task to follow Jesus, trust in Him and give you life to Him that saves you.

We will perform a baptism in any water that is available, whether it be a lake, river, pond, pool or even a spa – any place you choose to show you are not ashamed to be called a Christian will work.