Adoption Ceremony

Adoption Ceremony – $200

At times, a child is adopted into a family at an age when they almost know what is going on.  They may feel confused and not really a “part” of the family.  An adoption ceremony may help the child transition into the family, making them feel special and giving them the peace of acceptance in their new family.  Most often, family and friends will gather to bless the child and show them they have a good support system in their new life.  It helps them feel that for once in their life, there are many who care about what happens to them.  Another benefit of this ceremony is that the adoptive family will see they are not in this new life with the adoptive child all alone.  There are many family members and friends there showing support to them as well as the child.

If the child’s name is going to change, it is a perfect time to use the meaning of his/her name and tell them about how you came to give them that name or even where the last name they have now came to be.  Children, after this ceremony, finally fell as if they “belong” somewhere instead of wondering where they should be.